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The new show concept of "Secret Millionaire" starts now in Germany - with the well-known businessman Holger Riemer as a protagonist.

RTL exudes the first three episodes of the series every Sunday at 19.10 clock out. Focusing each is a German millionaire who incognito and disguised "as an intern," the life and work experience in social projects and end exactly this gives a nice sum when he is finally convinced by the work of the charitable organization. In the case of Secret Millionaire Holger Riemer is the Ark Reinickendorf where the successful lawyer, board of several companies and book author slips for about a week.

The Ark in Reinickendorf, Berlin, part of Christian Child and Youth eV - an organization that in poverty be strives to educational opportunities and recreational activities for children. Every day will be looked after here after school about forty children from needy families. Here you can feel in every moment of the responsibility which one of this coun-try should have towards the children, who are not doing so well - an ideal place so for the TV experiment Secret Millionaire, in which among other things provide Holger Riemer took part, many known as the face and head of the party leadership of dentures Audentic. Television experience had been only about Riemer Holger TV ads just this dental service, for which he highly itself stood before the camera.

Secret Millionaire and Holger Riemer experience you will not easily forget

What is the concept of Secret Millionaire, which runs in the UK as early as the tenth season and also in the United States is a TV hit?

Top managers, businessmen, major shareholders, entrepreneurs: In each episode can be a millionaire for a week the life of luxury in the lap of luxury behind to unrecognized work not only in deprived areas of the Republic, but to integrate it into the alleged parallel societies completely. Living and working at subsistence rather than comfort and luxury - a challenge that only the bravest of the so-called rich upper class.

They include, for example, Dr. Holger Ludwig Riemer - short Holger Riemer - in real life father of two children, but especially successful business manager, board member and author, for example, with his latest work "role models and exemplary action '. In this context, the experience of Secret Millionaire fits perfectly.

New perspectives and insights into a world so different translucent, where yet again open up models, models of real life, the real heroes of everyday life. Holger Riemer also applies primarily to many, many people who master their lives, in turn, be used for other and so will give these true heroes of everyday life. An experience that is not soon forgotten and, perhaps even more influence on the entrepreneurial activity, the more sustainable life.

What impressions Holger Riemer Secret Millionaire took - see the viewers on the result.

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